昂赛大猫谷自然体验 Angsai Nature Watch


我们抱歉的通知, 因全国多地出现疫情,大猫谷自然体验活动即日起暂停开放,恢复时间待定。感谢您的理解与配合。 

Dear Visitors:

We are sorry to annouce that, due to multiple COVID-19 cases showing in several provinces, all nature watch activities are temporarily stopped from today.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. 

自然环境 Environment 

昂赛乡位于青海省玉树州藏族自治区杂多县,距离州府玉树市约4小时车程, 也是三江源国家公园澜沧江源园区的核心区。

Valley of the Cats, aka Angsai, locates in Zaduo County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. It is 4 hours drive from Yushu city. This area is also whitin the core zone of Lancang River Section, Sanjiangyuan National Park. 

这里是典型的高原气候,一年中的气温变化较小,而一天当中昼夜温差很大,日照丰富。昂赛平均海拔3800 米左右,最高海拔可超过4800米,出行时有1-2天的适应海拔过程时非常有利于您的旅行的。

Angsai has a typical plateau climate, with little temperature change throughout the year, and a large temperature difference between day and night,  with abundant sunshine. The average altitude here is about 3800 meters, and the highest altitude can be over 4800 meters, so it will be very beneficial to spend 1-2 days to acclimate. 



Such an high altitute nurtures an unique ecological environment, with an evergreen coniferous forest dominated by alpine cypress, supplemented by some alpine meadows and rocky hills, and also with breathtaking Danxia landforms.



推荐活动 Activities in the Valley


Visiting the Valley of the Cats is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Stunning scenery, a colourful and fascinating culture and wonderful wildlife make any visit to the 'roof of the world' an unforgettable experience.  These are some of the activities visitors can enjoy and any visit can be tailored according to how you want to spend your time.

1. 野生动物寻踪  Wildlife Tracing

时长:1-3天   Duration: one to three days 


Venture onto the mountain slopes, side valleys and snow-capped mountains in search of the local wildlife, including the elusive Snow Leopard. Follow the favourite prey of the apex predators, Blue Sheep and Yak;


look for gatherings of vultures that often indicate a crime scene, or scan the hill sides and skyline for any silhouette…




The Snow Leopard is extremely well-camouflaged and difficult to spot but with patience and persistence, you may be lucky.  

In Tibetan culture, spotting the Snow Leopard is a blessing. 

Whether or not your quest is successful in finding the mysterious feline, it will take you to areas offering stunning views of the magnificent scenery and offer chances of sighting the other exceptional wildlife in the area, including the Blue Sheep, White-lipped Deer, White Eared-pheasant, Himalayan Vulture and Golden Eagle.



And if you don't see one, just remember the words of Peter Matthiessen in his book named after this magnificent cat.  


When asked if he saw a Snow Leopard during his epic trek through the Himalayas with George Schaller, 


he answered,“No. Isn't that wonderful?” 

2. 徒步  Trekking 

线路A:古塔探秘  Trek A:  To The Ancient Tower  

时长:往返4-5小时           Duration:4-5hours;

海拔落差:3900-4150m   Elevation:3900-4150m;

难度:较简单                    Level:Easy


Route:Stone momument —— Distant look to Buddha Mountain —— Temple —— Ancient Tower


The Jirigou Ancient Tower is a Cultural Relics Protection Unit of the Qinghai Province with a history of about 700 years.


 Among three original towers, two can still be found today, with one of them remains intact. On the way, you can enjoy a splendid view of the snow mountains, Danxia landscape covered with Tibetan junipers that are hundreds of years old, and the meandering Lancang river cutting through the Namsei valley.

线路B:佛头山  Trek B – Buddha Mountain  

时长:往返3-4小时            Duration: 3-4 hours; 

海拔落差:3900-4100m    Elevation: 3900-4100m;

难度:中等                        Level:Medium;



Buddha Mountain is the landmark of Angsai. With the change of sunlight, the mountain shows different faces of a Buddha.

During the trip, please avoid touching the stone, which may cause damage.

线路C:双蛋山 Trek C – Egg Mountain 

时长:往返1小时               Duration: 1 hour;

海拔落差:3900-3950m   Elevation:3900-3950m;

难度:简单                       Level:Easy;


      Egg Mountain is close to the road with easy access. From Egg Mountain, you have a view of one of the most famous scared mountains of the area —— Naibon sacred mountain.

3. 牧区生活体验  A Day as a Yak Herder 





On this excursion, you will live the life of a yak herder. You will experience herding through several means of transportation. 

In the morning, after milking the yaks, take the traditional way, riding on horseback to take these animals to the grazing areas.

Of course, after herding a while, you will need a break with yak milk tea and yoghurt. 

This will enable you to continue on horseback to explore the township of Angsai.  Later in the afternoon, try the modern way.. most families ride motorbikes now! 




You will be taken aback by the natural beauty yaks are able to enjoy every day in the region, either in summer when the grasslands are covered with red blue and yellow wildflowers – mile after mile of a kind of rainbow carpet

– or in winter, when the snow-hooded mountains are encased in a necklace of white.

4. 观星 Stargazing 




While you will be stunned by the natural beauty of Sanjiangyuan during the daytime, you will be enchanted by night. 

Due to the low-levels of light pollution, Sanjiangyuan is a wonderful stargazing location. 

On clear summer nights, when the skies are the darkest and clearest, embark on a journey to explore the mysteries of the universe and enjoy the starry show of the Milky Way, star clusters, nebulae and meteors.





The best two meteor showers are without doubt: the Perseid (mid-August) and the Geminid (mid-December), 

during which up to 120–160 meteors per hour can be observed. 

According to a Tibetan saying, if one sees a meteor, they will receive God’s intelligence.

To be best prepared, please download a stargazing APP before you arrive or purchase a guidebook!

5. 参观昂赛工作站  A look into Angsai Field Station 


Shan Shui Conservation Center is a major NGO in Sanjiangyuan.


Since 2009, it has been carrying out a large set of conservation activities on the ground with the involvement of the local community. Their activities include installing cameras traps on the mountains to better monitor the wildlife, setting up anti-poaching patrols, or creating nature watch activities in the region. Angsai workstation was inaugurated in 2017 and is the first dedicated scientific research station in Sanjiangyuan. It serves as a major outpost for Shanshui conservationists whose actions are deeply rooted in the local community.



Get a deeper understanding of the work of these pioneers by meeting them, learning about their research, their daily challenges, and their unique insights as bridges between the Tibetan herders, the local government and the scientific community. It is also a chance for you to contribute to the ongoing conservation efforts yourself. Contact us for details. 



重要须知 Important Notice 

  • 网站声明:Website Statement 


Nature Watch services are provided by the Poverty Alleviation Ecotourism Cooperative of Niandu Village, Angsai Township, Zaduo County ("Angsai Cooperative"), which has relevant qualifications. All nature watch fees, and other proceeds are collected and used by the Angsai Community.


Shan Shui Conservation Center provides this website platform for the Angsai Cooperative at no cost, and the Angsai Cooperative provides online booking services.


This website is intended to help promote this project and raise public awareness from a not-for-profit perspective. Shan Shui Conservation Center does not actually provide or perform Nature Watch services, nor does it derive any income from nature experience bookings or other related services.

  • 高原风险 High-altitute Travel Risks:



There are risks associated with traveling to high altitute destinaitons, it is recommended that every visitor read the Highland Travel Risks and Safety Precautions.docx in detail, have a medical check-up before travelling and ensure that you are healthy before planning your trip.

Please purchase a travel insurance for yourself to ensure that your insurance covers the costs associated with accidents and altitude sickness. 

  • 特殊人群 Vulnerable Groups:




Gorups like elderly, minors and pregnant people are at higher risks of travel than the general population.

If you are pregnant or over the age of 50, please consult your doctor to ensure that you are physically able to participate in highland travel, and Angsai Cooperative is not responsible for risks arising from special personal medical conditions.

Minors (under 18 years old) must be accompanied by a legal guardian or authorized other adult to participate in nature watch activities.

预约流程  Booking Procedures 

  1. 在网站平台注册账户,提前7天以上预约 

  2. 预约需要提交以下资料用于向三江源国家公园澜沧江源园区昂赛管护站申请入园许可

     * 每位自然体验者身份资料,包括年龄、职业、来访原因等

     * 每位体验者的证件照片 

     * 预计接送日期、时间、地点,及联系电话


  3. 社区收到您的申请后,会在您出发前3-5天安排好接待家庭,并将他们的资料发送给您

   1. Register an account on the website and make a reservation at least 7 days in advance

   2. To make a reservation, you need to submit the following information to apply for an entry permit from the Lancang River Section Angsai Management Station of Sanjiangyuan National Park:

* Identity information of each participant, including age, occupation, reason for visit, etc.

* Photo ID of each participant

* Estimated pick-up date, time, location, and contact number

(It takes about 5-7 business days for the Onshai Station to process your application, so be sure to make an appointment in advance)

    3. Once the community receives your application, we will arrange for a host family 3-5 days before your departure and send you their information

交通住宿 Tansportation and Accommodation 

  • 当地交通 Local transportation:

昂赛地处玉树州杂多县,附近最大的城市是玉树市,那里有机场和长途大巴站,分别有来自国内的航班和往返西宁的长途大巴, 建议您在玉树市与接待家庭汇合。


We suggest that visitors meet their host family in Yushu, the closest city to Angsai. There is an airport and a bus station in Yushu, with domestic flights to/ from Xining, Chengdu and Lhasa and buses to/from Xining. 

If you're self-drive, you can also drive to Angsai Township, and meet your host there. 


The journey from Yushu to Angsai is around 190 kms on sealed road and it usually takes 3-4 hours (an additional 3-4 hours should be allowed during icy weather). From Angsai Township, there is an unpaved cliff side road which will lead you into the heart of the valley——where your adventure begins. 




The journey from Angsai Township to your host family takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The rugged mountain roads, with unexpected conditions, are for the adventurous traveler. Our guides are experienced in driving, but bumpy car trips can be inevitably uncomfortable.

*Please take full consideration of  the road conditions in Angsai when planning your trip*.

  • 住宿 Accommodation:

昂赛后,您会入住到您的接待家庭里,和他们生活在一起。 牧区住宿环境非常原生态,相比于城市条件,甚至可以说是简陋。

Once arrived, you will be staying with your host families and living with them for the rest of your trip. The pristine  nomadic lifestye is well preserved here and the living conditions can be described as VERY BASIC comparing to urban standards. 


The locals keep the nomadic tradition of living in tents in the summer and change locations once every few months so that their yaks can go to fresh pastures. They move back to winter settlements at late September and stay there until the following April or May. 


Depending on the host family and the season of stay, you may sleep in a government-built container hut, in the large bedroom of the host family, or in an adjoining room, or in a large tent with them. Each person will have their own bed, but everyone stays in the same room. Quilts will be provided, but it is still recommended to bring your own sleeping bag.


Top left is the summer ranch tent. Top right is a container hut. Lower left is a winter settlement house for herders. Bottom right is a typical local bed


Most homes have solar electricity for charging cameras and cell phones. All domestic water is brought from a nearby stream and boiled for consumption. There are no bathing facilities. Some homes have built toilets outside the house, if your family does not have one, you will need to find a secluded place outside. Please ask your host family where to go if you are not sure and remember to bring back any used toilet paper and leave it in a rubbish bin. 

  • 网络信号 Internet and cell phone reception

整个昂赛范围内手机信号非常有限, 只有少数几个区域能接受手机信号(通信或网络), 请在进入昂赛前和家人朋友联系好,以免造成困扰。同时,您可以在昂赛享受一个不被打扰的假期。

若您在旅途期间需要使用网络,可以与您的接待家庭沟通, 您的向导会带您前往有信号的地方。

Cell phone signal is very limited throughout Angsai.Only a few areas can receive cell phone signal (communication or internet).Make sure to contact your family and friends before entering Angsai to avoid any inconvenience.  Meanwhile, you can enjoy an uninterrupted holiday in Angsai.. 

Your host can also take you to places for internet if needed. 

建议携带物品清单 Suggested Packing List 

许多对自然体验感兴趣的人都想知道他们应该带些什么行李到大猫谷来。 我们根据往期游客的经验给出了以下推荐携带行李清单。 其中一些是必备物品(例如一个好品质的睡袋), 另一些则是选带物品。当然你也可以根据自己的需求来添加或减少一些行李。

Many potential visitors ask what they should bring to the Valley of the Cats. The list below is used by some of the regular visitors. Some items are essential (e.g. a good quality sleeping bag) and others are a 'nice to have'. This list is intended as a guide and can be tailored according to personal requirements and preferences.

必备物品 Essentials 


 Cash, Passport /ID Card

防水外套, 羽绒服 

Water-proof jacket, down jacket


Comfortable walking shoes and hiking boots (Snow boots if it’s winter) 


Outdoor pants, preferably windproof and waterproof


Gloves, warm socks, warm hat, sun hat


Light shoes for evenings




Water bottle (Thermal if prefer hot water) 


20-30L backpack 


Binoculars/ monocular


Camera, tripod, telephoto lens (for animals), wide-angle lens (for landscape)


Sun cream with SPF 35 or above, sun glasses 


Sleeping Bag (3-4 season)


Headlight, torch 


Lip balm, moisturizer 




Basic first-aid kit (adhesive plasters, antiseptic cream, paracetamol, etc.)

大猫谷自然体验 2021-07-02
Magda Niedużak和丈夫Olek,2019年7月来到大猫谷度过他们的第一个结婚纪念日(节选): “能在野外看见这个神秘的、极其稀少的、受威胁的大猫-雪豹是我至今梦想过的最棒的野生动物体验。和昂尕一家度过美好的6天都着实让人难忘。另外,能在这样奇妙生态旅行的同时,为当地人提供额外收入,支持雪豹保护更是景上添花。总的来说,我们强烈推荐到大猫谷来一次自然体验之旅!还有什么比在野外寻找雪豹,同时为当地社区和雪豹保护作出贡献更好的度过假期的方式呢!” Magda Niedużak and her husband Olek, travelled to the Valley of the Cats in July 2019 for their first wedding anniversary: “Seeing that mysterious, extremely rare, and threatened cat in the wild was by far the best wildlife encounter we could have ever dreamt of! All in all, we strongly recommend travelling to the Valley of the Cats! There is no better way of spending holidays than looking for Sa while also contributing to the conservation of this magnificent species and to supporting more stable local livelihoods.
大猫谷自然体验 2021-07-02
Almu Alcaide 2020年10月: “来到大猫谷真是一生难得的体验。令人惊叹的风景加上无微不至的接待家庭让这次旅行无比难忘。我真的很享受在这里的徒步爬山、和接待家庭一起的欢声笑语以及亲身体验当地的生活。 强烈推荐!!!” Almu Alcaide 2020.OCT: Being in the Valley of the Cats has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The astonishing views plus the warmth of the host family made this trip memorable. I really enjoyed hiking and laughing with our host family and being able to see firsthand how they live. I can’t recommend this place highly enough!
大猫谷自然体验 2021-07-01
邱莉 2021年5月 非常好,玉树景色很美,导游很尽心,很负责,但由于自己有高反,很多地方没敢去,略有遗憾,期待以后有时间再前往。
大猫谷自然体验 2021-07-01
June 2017 Jocko Hammar and Chris Campion shortly after seeing their first Snow Leopard in The Valley of the Cats. “The experience of staying with the local and very friendly yak herder families, way off the beaten track, while enjoying world-class scenery and unique wildlife is one of the most memorable of my life. The fact that I spotted a Snow Leopard slowly making its way up a snowy ridge one morning (from the homestay!) and found a completely new breeding area for Koslov’s (Tibetan) Bunting just shows what is possible in a few days in this wonderful corner of the planet.” 2017年6月 Jocko Hammer 和 Chris Campion 写于第一次在“大猫谷”看到雪豹不久之后: 和当地友好牧民一起居住的经历是非常独特且难得的体验。在这里观赏世界级景色和珍稀野生动物是我一辈子最难忘的经历。一天清晨,我在住宿家庭附近看到一只雪豹正爬上白雪皑皑的山脊。我还找到了一个以前从未发现过的藏鹀繁殖场所!即使只停留短短几天,这些惊喜的发现在这个美丽的星球一隅都是有可能的。”
大猫谷自然体验 2021-07-01
孙家杰 2021年3月 此行印象最深刻的部分是最后离开之前看到了猞猁。向导家服务很好,每天都准备不同的菜,都是进家就能吃到热饭。希望未来在向导语言水平、找动物能力和家里的保暖设施上可以有所提高。